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The digital workplace has become the essential workplace for thousands of organizations around the world, as their teams, more often than not, work from home. While no one could have been fully prepared for what happened in 2020, we have seen directly that organizations which invested in resourcing their digital workplaces before the crisis were better equipped to deal with the transition.

Business resilience – AskDWG

Business resilience now means digital workplace strength. DWG is gathering and releasing real-time global best practice and specific examples of all aspects of the 24/7 digital workplace. Don’t journey alone. If you have a digital workplace question or challenge, AskDWG.

Confidential connections – with global organizations

With 20 years of confidential support and trust across our diverse range of large member organizations, we can get you into direct conversation with the right peers in ways that save you time, money and mistakes.

Digital workplace ‘insurance policy’

The future is uncertain. So treat DWG Membership as an insurance policy to make sure you keep your digital workplace risk to the bare minimum, no matter what the future brings.

DWG Member Resources

DWG Membership is designed to help large organizations improve their digital workplaces through peer learning, best practice research, social networking, benchmarking evaluations, and partnerships with DWG’s experts.

For specific details of the research and events that took place last year, you can view our 2020 Annual Review.

What our members say

The most valuable thing about DWG is being able to meet your peers. If you work in intranets, it’s normally a closed community… But in this forum, you know you’re going to get honest answers and honest opinions.

Lloyds Banking Group

We’ve found Digital Workplace Group to be invaluable partners in our journey toward a more effective digital workplace. Whether we need insights, benchmarks, or just a quick sanity check, the DWG team is there for us. It’s almost as if they’re ‘riding shotgun’ for us as we move the stagecoach along the digital trail.

Wells Fargo

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